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Quality Control

Quality is the key to our achievement. Significant importance is given to quality of our raw materials and finished products. We ensure all products conform to their standard specifications.

We provide full support and necessary guidance to our employees as well as consumers to understand and implement our quality systems for their optimum benefits. All our products are rigorously tested at each and every stage of the manufacturing process and dispatched only after clearance by our quality control laboratory, which is equipped with Spectrophotometer, Color Matching Systems etc…

Our customer feedback for improvisation of our products and services is carried out on a regular basis. Delta Hydrocarbon‘s continuo investment in technical services and development facilities reinforces the company's commitment to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Flourscent Brightening Agent / Flourscent Brightener

Quality testing point :

  • E Value 

  • Cloth Dyeing 

  • Paper Dyeing 

  • Moisture Content

  • Sotubility 

  • pH 

  • Bulk Density 

  • Salt content

  • Light Fastness




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